Is Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black married?

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Is Boddy/Black married?

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Is Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black married?

Post by Jonathan Green »

Do you think they is/was Mrs. Boddy/Black?

I believe that both of them are married:
Boddy is married to Mrs. White, a renowned gourmet chef.
Black is married to Mrs. Peacock, his second wife. His first tragically died in a hit-and-run accident.

There have been several cases where a wife of the victim has been married:
VCR: John Q. Boddy had two children, Stg. Gray from an affair with the maid Mrs. White, and a unnamed daughter who was married to Professor Plum. Based on the fact Boddy had a daughter, suggested he had at one point of his life, a wife. It’s unclear whether Boddy’s a widower/divorcee. But the fact he had an affair with the house’s housekeeper/cook, maybe the latter is possible.

A.E. Parker books: In the first book, Reginald Boddy is shown to be a widower.

CD-i: In the “Happily Ever After” case, Miss Scarlett, Boddy’s niece, says that Uncle Boddy was getting married AGAIN,
suggesting that Boddy was married before meeting his unseen fiancée. There was probably a divorce concerning Boddy’s treatment on his “friends”.

Clue Mysteries (Books): Mrs. Peacock says that she and Boddy’s uncle, Sir Hugh Black, were married by a soldier. Sir Hugh never acknowledged this, but considering that they had a brief affair, the fact Hugh might be the father of Scarlet, and Mrs. Peacock was the one to kill Sir Hugh in Scotland, maybe they were.

The Hub’s Clue Mystery Stories: Mrs. White is Boddy’s beautiful wife, who seems to hate her husband and has feelings for his friend Mustard.

Classic Mansion (MGS): Mr. Boddy has secretly married Mrs. Peacock.

Clue: Candlestick: Boddy’s deceased wife has been mentioned in the first two issues of the miniseries. I suggest she’s supposed to be Dr. Orchid.

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Re: Is Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black married?

Post by CluedoKid »

I think they're married to each other.

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Re: Is Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black married?

Post by coinilius »

I tend to think no for Mr Boddy being married - At least at the time of his murder. Maybe he had previous marriages, certainly he would have had many people wanting to marry him, but no partner at the time of his death.

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Re: Is Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black married?

Post by Black »

Well, I have a project coming along (nowhere near ready) Both Black and Boddy are related but the latter isn't really part of the story

I was remembering some of the older games/mysteries that have been on the forum and I always found what Poirot did to be really fitting. Mrs. Meadow-Brook being the Ex-Wife of Mr. Boddy and I loved that idea.

There was also that Hasbro flash game years back that had Mrs. White as Boddy's wife (Peacock was his aunt)

Black was widowed in the Cluedofan mysteries (she was a victim in one of them)

I'll be honest that Mrs. Black / Mrs. Boddy would have been a better replacement for Mrs. White instead of Dr. Orchid. The motive could be similar to what Mrs. Meadow-Brook's motive was in Mysteries/SFX

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