Clue VCR documentary

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Lord Leo Le Blanc
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Clue VCR documentary

Post by Lord Leo Le Blanc »

I'm not sure if this was posted on Art of Murder before. This is a realy insightful documentary on both VHS clue games. You get to hear about the behind the scenes from most of the cast and some crew members.

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Re: Clue VCR documentary

Post by cacums »

I was hoping this was still floating around! Thanks :D

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Re: Clue VCR documentary

Post by coinilius »

That is awesome - thank you for posting that!

It's fascinating hearing about the development of the VCR board game and all the buzz and excitement around that new technology and what they could (and couldn't) do with it.

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Re: Clue VCR documentary

Post by tamall »

Quite perpiscas the documentary presented, I hope you can do more like these.

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