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1p Clue Frame-Up:

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I was really, really bored the other day, and I was trying to think up a 1p clue version I'd enjoy. After screwing around for a bit, I came up with an idea. (Did it in Clue Master Detective, but I imagine that you could do this in other forms, too)

Set-Up: You know who did it. You did it! The question is how to convince all these other guests it was one of them instead. Select your character, and draw a weapon and room as normal. You know that you did it, of course, so you know which room it was in and what weapon you used (You don't have amnesia, which was always my excuse in the standard game.)

You've gone out of your way to make it clear to the other guests that it couldn't have been YOU. You've also told them where you were, and what other weapon was there. So, for now, they trust you, and have put you in charge of trying to figure out who did it.

Shuffle the remaining 27 cards, and divide them up, giving three to each other suspect. Place the suspects in a line.


Phase 1: Suggestion: Make a suggestion. You can't suggest any of the actual answers (you used those to prove yourself not-guilty, remember?) and flip over each deck in turn, until you see a card that proves your suggestion untrue.

Phase 2: Revelation

If your suggestion is proven false, that suspect was as helpful as could be. Reveal and mark off all three of their cards. Place those cards, and the suspect, in the courtyard. That suspect is still alive. Then, choose to kill one suspect who didn't get their deck turned over.

If your suggestion isn't proven false, choose one of the three cards you suggested. That card is a Red Herring. Circle it on the clue sheet.

If a Red Herring is revealed, kill the suspect who revealed it.

Phase 3: Murder!

Knock over the pawn of the suspect you just killed, and take their cards. Place one in your hand (if you revealed a red herring, you must place it in your hand) and reveal and mark off the other two, placing them in the courtyard. If you have more than three cards in your hand, place the duplicate card type (i.e. Two suspects, two rooms, etc) in the courtyard.

Next, place one suspect in the line at the end of the line, and one at the beginning.

Phase 4: Hide the bodies: Place all dead suspects and their suspect cards in the cloak room. If their suspect card is not in your hand or the courtyard, place it in the cloak room the next time it's revealed. You cannot suggest a suspect in the cloak room. Now return to phase one.


The game ends the moment that you win. Remember: Suspects are placed in the cloakroom AFTER you place their card in your hand, meaning you can kill someone and win with the card you took off them. After all, they might have committed suicide from guilt.

You win if: You have in your hand a suspect, weapon, and room.

You lose if: All cards of one type (suspect/weapon/room) courtyard, cloak room, or solution file
A red herring is in the courtyard.
All suspects are in the courtyard or the cloak room.

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