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Oberst Gulin
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1972 version

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I have always been fascinated by the 1972 version with the real actors/models on the cover. I have for some time now tried to discover the identity of the actors/models portraying the suspects. Kedakai Turner portrayed Miss Scarlett and Garnett Smith (actor) portrayed Professor Plum. But who portrayed the other four? Does anybody know? The pictures were taken in the Lotus Club in New York City, so it is a fair assumption, I think, that the actors/models lived worked in New York at the time.


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Re: 1972 version

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You're pretty much exactly right! It was the LotOs Club, not the LotUs club. You may have known that and simply fallen for an auto-correct disfunction. Haha! (I've had this confirmed by a member of staff.)

I have been in touch with Kedakai Turner Lipton and Garnett Smith, and both have been gracious enough to sign a the game box for me. Also, their suspect card. ALSO, a proof copy of the artwork that I found on eBay!

Neither of them have any memory of who the other four actors were, but I assume they've all passed away. That photo shoot was fifty years ago!

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