A email with Crystal McNair, sprite artist for Clue Classic (2008)

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A email with Crystal McNair, sprite artist for Clue Classic (2008)

Post by Jonathan Green » Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:33 pm

Earlier this morning I downloaded Clue Classic PC for free (this was the free trait, not the full game) and I went to the credits section of the game and found the artists.

LEAD ARTIST - Erin Miller
ARTIST - Crystal McNair

I try finding Erin Miller, but could her. So I try the second best choice was Crystal.

So contacted her via email and asked three questions..

1. What was your role as artist?

2. Was Erin Miller the original artist for the 2000s games?

3. How was your experience during the game's production?
Hi Crystal, I am a fan of the board game Clue(do). One of my favorite of the series are the games between 2002 and 2008. (E.g. Clue 2002, Clue FX, Clue Mysteries, & Clue DVD board game) I play Clue Classic (2008) by GamesCafe and saw your name on the credits. I try contacting Erin Miller, the lead artist of Clue Classic but could find them. So you were the second best choice. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions…

What was your role in Clue Classic?

Was Erin Miller the original artist for the board games?

How was your experience working on Clue Classic?

Please response at your earliest convenience.

David Rodriguez
At 4:27 p.m. today, Crystal responded...
Hello there, David!

Congratulations on using your own sleuthing skills to sniff out my contact information, and thank you for your interest in the GamesCafe version of Clue/Cluedo from way back when!

Second best choice, huh? :) No worries, I'd love to help answer your questions, as Erin is currently enjoying time with her family, being semi-retired.

I was mainly the sprite artist. I did the little board pieces that walked around, animated them, as well as the tile pieces such as the weapons. I also did some generic set piece animations, and coded some of the functionality of the game, albeit very minorly. (I mostly just assisted the head programmer, Chad Sterling, with little bits that he didn't have time for, or required a bit of an "artists touch", as well as debugging the game.).
Erin Miller was not the original artist for the artwork for the Clue/Cluedo characters around that time. Those were approved assets that were sent to us directly from Hasbro, from their original design team. They were in the process of switching the boards, tile pieces, cards and box designs over to that new style when we were developing Clue Classic. Erin took their existing artwork and "tweaked" it to fit various scenarios and cut-scenes. Any instance of the character artwork in that particular style that was NOT the original poses sent by Hasbro, was altered to fit by Erin. She also made various set piece animations as well, and made sure the style of the game matched what Hasbro wanted to maintain for the franchise.
I really enjoyed working on Clue Classic, both from a sprite artwork perspective, and a coding perspective. It was the first time I worked with that development team within GamesCafe, as I bounced from the primary team who worked on the "Sally's" time-management styled games. It was my third official "full" game at GamesCafe.
I hope I answered your initial questions! If you have any other comments or questions, you now have my email. :)

Have a great day!


I hope to contact more artists and staffs that worked on Clue/Cluedo.
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