My Redesign of the Clue Characters - [Coming Soon]

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Miss Amelia Peach
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My Redesign of the Clue Characters - [Coming Soon]

Post by Miss Amelia Peach » Tue Jun 23, 2020 9:48 am

Miss Adrienne Scarlett
Scarlett's design turned into a curly black haired femme fatale with cross straps on the chest. Her eye color is black.

Adrienne Scarlett is an actress who's making her big debut on the new film 'Ten Seconds to Crazy Town' as 'Jenna DeSousa', but Mr. Boddy had other plans...Scarlett is now on the edge of getting replaced.

Colonel Kristoph Mustard
Mustard is now German. He is now younger, but still has a moustache. Hair color is blonde with a few gray streaks, dressed up like a Royal Guardsman, and has three medals on his left. Eye color is brown.

Kristoph Mustard has been retired as a hero of the German war, and everyone respects the heroic Colonel. Mr. Boddy decides to blackmail him for fraudulence in his 'medals of honor'.

Mrs. Sally White
Mrs. White is still a maid, but she's an adult rather than an old woman. She wears a white maid outfit with a maid's headdress on, and she is less bustier than Yvette from the movie. Hair color is white, and she said that she was born like that. Eye color is black.

Sally White was hired as a maid for Mr. Boddy, and she's being underpaid as of now. Wanting to feed her family, she starts plotting to get the money after Boddy dies...

Reverend Garret Green
I named Green Garret because of someone I remembered from a dating game. Anyways, Green wears a clergy's outfit but with hints of green. He is not nearing old age, so his hair is black. Eye color is green (just because).

The good reverend is respected by the Catholics who come to church every Sunday, but the reverend is not a saint but a sinner on womanizing. Mr. Boddy dared to tattletale Green on his unholy actions.

Mrs. Reneé Peacock neé Daucourt
Peacock is a brunette. She has a small furry hat that has peacock feathers on the side. She wears a feather boa and also dons a blue gown with a design of peacock feathers. Eye color is blue.

Mrs. Peacock was born in France as the daughter of a wealthy socialite family, but they rarely pay any attention on her. Wanting to be loved, she came to America to find a husband who loves her dearly, and Mr. Boddy's first on the line. But Peacock's VERY clingy, so when Boddy decides to leave Peacock, Reneé goes nuts...

Professor Martin Plum
Plum is a brunette too. He has straight hair and wears silver glasses. He wears a purple vest and beneath that is a white shirt, he also dons a bowtie and wears purple pants. His eye color is brown.

Plum is new in the University of Clueland, and girls were swooning over how good-looking he is, but he isn't interested in women, as he is gay. One day, he bumped into Green and now has a crush on him, but Boddy blackmails Plum into getting kicked out of university for being gay and will be shunned by all.

Doctor Himeno Orchid neé Ran
Her last name's etymology is Orchid in Japanese, which suits her. Her black, silky hair is tied in a bun, and wears a hot pink kimono with pale pink sakura design. Her eye color is black.

Himeno Ran excelled at everything. She was a child progidy and her parents loved her dearly. Her life was perfect, until she met Mr. Boddy after she graduated from college as a toxicologist. She rejected him and married Dennis Orchid from America. Boddy's been stalking her ever since, so she decides to stop this once and for all...

There's everything for now, I'll be sure to update as soon as I can.

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Re: My Redesign of the Clue Characters - [Coming Soon]

Post by coinilius » Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:51 pm

Orchid as a former lover of Mr Boddy is interesting, quite a change from her being his adopted daughter

Miss Amelia Peach
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Re: My Redesign of the Clue Characters - [Coming Soon]

Post by Miss Amelia Peach » Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:31 pm

"I have a reason to believe that I, Himeno Orchid, did not commit this hideous murder!"

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