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New Cases to Solve

Post by GarfieldBuilder » Mon May 01, 2017 12:30 am

Cluedo Game Ideas

1. "Countdown to Murder"
Story: It's the annual fun run in the village with the start line at Boddy Manor but for its residents, all is not fun as Mrs. Peacock fell madly in love with French Count Henri de Beauchamp and no one is happy, but who killed the count? Was everyone in the run competing?
Victim: Count Henri de Beauchamp
Suspects: Miss Katherine Scarlett, Professor Simon Plum, Mrs Sylvia Meadow-Brook, Constable Alastair Teale, Nurse Sally Mint, Doctor Julian Black
Possible Weapons: candlestick, poison, pistol, knife, rope, paperweight
Possible Locations: Graveyard, Drawing Room,Serpentarium, Observatory, Clock Tower, Chapel
Solution: ????
2."Disco's a No-Go"
Story: The "Stop the disco action group" is meeting at Arlington Grange to convince property developer Mr Hall to not build a discothèque on the village pond only to find that the pond's overprotective owner, Reverend Green, beating them to it and protectively put a fence around the pond. Mr. Hall would like to visit Hasbro Manor to give him a piece of his mind. But once he got in he never came out; he was killed!
Victim: Mr. Hall
Suspects: Reverend Stephen Green, Mrs Virginia Peacock, Mr Scott Silver, Senorita Maria Del'Aqua, Colonel James Mustard, Mrs Monica Moss
Possible Weapons: spanner, shotgun, poison, knife, curtain tie-back, statuette
Possible Location: Catacombs, Kitchen, Billiard Room, Theatre, Ballroom, Observatory
Solution: ????
3."No Deal"
Story: Investment broker Simon Charles must convince many of the guests to delve into a deal that later fell through but who makes it more to a killing?
Victim:Simon Charles
Suspects: Captain Robert Brown, Lady Constance Lavender, Professor Simon Plum, Miss Jessica Peach, Constable Alastair Teale, Mrs Mary White
Possible Weapons: steak hammer, ebony ruler, sharpening steel, rat poison, scarf, gun
Possible Locations: Fountain, Gate House, Boiler Room, Atelier, Armoury, Nursery
Solution: ?????
4." Charity"
Story: Boddy Manor is host to a charity auction to raise money for the new church roof but Ben the window cleaner is listening to guest's conversations who has been hired by Mrs Peacock to find out who has been stealing items from around the house but Ben delves a bit too far into the guest's business but who took it to Ben's death?
Victim: Ben the Window Cleaner
Suspects: Ms Veronica Lake, Mr Scott Silver, Senorita Maria Del'Aqua, Captain Robert Brown, Sun Ling, Colonel James Mustard
Possible Weapons: spanner, lead piping, African spear, revolver, candlestick, kitchen knife
Possible Locations: Scullery, Butler's Room, Clock Tower, Dining Room, Dark Room, Magic Chamber
Solution: ????
5. "Thrilll of the Hunt"
Story: It's the day of the hunt but hunt saboteurs cause trouble for the hunters and one saboteur Gordon Ferrar (Neil Morrissey) who was a victim of a non-fatal attack is cleaned up at Boddy Manor and causes an enemy of everyone but who had the full drive the kill?
Victim: Gordon Ferrar
Suspects: Colonel James Mustard, Mrs Sylvia Meadow-Brook, Mr Ian Gold, Miss Jessica Peach, Mr Scott Silver, Miss Georgia Khaki
Possible Weapons: Scissors, Candlestick, Telephone Flex, Poker, Syringe (with poison), Billiard Cue
Possible Locations: Butler's Room, Clock Tower, Dining Room, Salon, Conservatory, Madam Rose's Room
Solution: ????
6."Nun Shall Pass"
Story: After receiving a letter, Mrs. Peacock's late husband Jack's sister Sister Concepta arrives at the Boddy for what was a nice family reunion but the Sister has other plans and has everybody at the cards as she plans to build her convent but who would most want to ruin her attempts and kill her?
Victim: Sister Concepta
Suspects: Reverend Stephen Green, Miss Georgia Khaki, Colonel James Mustard, Mrs Virginia Peacock, Senorita Maria Del'Aqua, Mayor Kenneth Fields
Possible Weapons: Spear, Shotgun, Cake Knife, Parasol, Corkscrew, Paperweight
Possible Locations: Ballroom, Music Room, Hall, Butler's Pantry, Grotto, Widow's Walk
Solution: ?????
7."Psychic Persuit"
Story: Tarot reader Marjory Hunt visits her old friend Mrs White, but the omens in her deck do not look good.
Victim: Marjory Hunt
Suspects: Mrs Mary White, Professor Simon Plum, Miss Georgia Khaki, Albert Rust (Rusty), Mrs Sylvia Meadow-Brook, Captain Robert Brown
Possible Weapons: rat poison, broach, desktop lighter, billiard cue, letter opener, toilet chain
Possible Locations: Graveyard, Crypt, Gate House, Boiler Room, Conservatory, Grotto
Solution: ??????
8."Tabloid of Death"
Story:Journalist Roger Morgan (Daniel Peacock) visits Arlington Grange in search of royal scandal, but the residents do not wish to divulge all their secrets.
Suspects: Miss Katherine Scarlett, Colonel James Mustard, Mrs Mary White, Reverend Stephen Green, Mrs Virginia Peacock, Professor Simon Plum
Weapons: Dagger, cheese-wire, snooker triangle, broken glass, kitchen knife, microphone
Possible Locations: Scullery, Butler's Room, Dark Room, Magic Chamber, Fountain, Gate House
Solution: ????????
Bonus: "Christmas Murder"
Story: Christmas at Boddy Manor brings with it rivalry, hatred, forgotten memories and an Aunt who claims the house is actually her inheritance, but nobody believes her and she wounds up dead.
Suspects: Sun Ling, Reverend Stephen Green, Mrs Sylvia Meadow-Brook, Mr Ian Gold, Lady Constance Lavender, Mr Scott Silver
Weapons: Pistol, Poison, Spider, Letter Opener, Brick, Belt.
Possible Locations: Butler's Room, Clock Tower, Dining Room, Salon, Conservatory, Madam Rose's Room
Solution: ??????

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