Clue: Murder At Hasbro Manor

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Anyone want to play this forum game

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Clue: Murder At Hasbro Manor

Post by GarfieldBuilder » Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:03 am
I got an idea for a game that everyone can play. The object of this forum game is to figure out who committed the deadly crime, what weapon was used, and which room it happened in. To do this read the stories I wrote.
The suspects in this game change from story to story. These suspects are:

Miss Katherine Scarlet
Colonel James Mustard
Mrs Mary White
Mr. Stephen Green
Mrs Virginia Peacock
Professor Simon Plum
Miss Jessica Peach
Captain Robert Brown
Mrs Sylvia Meadow-Brook
Lady Constance Lavender
Doctor Julian Black
Albert Rust (Rusty)
Jamies Characters:
Constable Alastair Teale
Nurse Sally Mint
Mr Ian Gold
Mayor Kenneth Fields
Ms Veronica Lake
Miss Georgia Khaki
Mrs Monica Moss
Mr Sebastian Slate-Grey
Madame Marguerite Rose
Mr Scott Silver
Senorita Maria Del'Aqua
Sun Ling
New Suspects:
Dr. Jacob Coal
Mrs. Sylvia Peppermint
Reverend Plutonium
Constable Woodrot
the weapons and rooms can also change.

After reading the stories, interrogate the characters that were inn the story. Only one be the murderer while the others are innocent
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Post by Black » Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:54 pm

I'd like to say that the suspect names are interesting but you straight up stole them from Jamie.

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