A message with Stephen Millingen, the artist of Clue 2016.

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A message with Stephen Millingen, the artist of Clue 2016.

Post by Jonathan Green » Sat May 18, 2019 1:06 pm

Last night I contacted the artist behind Clue 2016, Stephen Millingen.
I asked him three questions:
Message Details:
Subject: Cluedo - Dr. Orchid
Message: Hello Stephen,
I am a fan of the game Cluedo (or Clue in my case, I'm American). I was just wondering if can answer a few questions for me about your recent work with Hasbro Gaming with the new Cluedo game (2016 version).

1. Was there a reason why Hasbro decided to replace Mrs. White for Dr. Orchid for the final version?

2. What was Mrs. White's backstory for the 2016 game?

3. What your personal opinion about Dr. Orchid replacing Mrs. White?

I do enjoy your artwork and hope your career is still going strong. Please reply to me at your earliest convenience.

- David Rodriguez
Around 12:53 a.m. EST of this morning Stephen reply:
Hi David,
Those decisions are made by Hasbro, not me the artist, sorry. I personally enjoyed designing the new character, Dr.Orchid.
Check out Stephen's work at his website: https://stephenmillingen.wixsite.com/portfolio
Check out my Instagram account to see my art - :arrow: https://www.instagram.com/david_rodriguez_art/?hl=en

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