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Favorite Themed Edition

Post by Murder by Death » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:47 am

With so many themed editions now, this could be a bit challenging. But here’s my list in order of preference:

The Simpsons edition is still the unequivocal classic for me. In particular the 2nd Museum Edition.

Next I’d have to say it’s Scooby Doo.

The Haunted Mansion would have to be next for me.

Now it starts to get complicated. In no particular order: Simpson’s 1st Ed., Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, and Tower of Terror.

The criteria is divided between favorite theme, quality, and execution, some of which outweigh the others. For instance, I’m not a huge Big Bang Theory fan, but I think there’s a lot of creativity in the design, and execution, even though it lacks a bit of quality. By the same token, I really like the execution of Golden Girls, which is of similar quality, but it’s not really my favorite theme. I do like Family Guy, but I bought the quality and execution were just too poor to really even consider it. And the opposite is why Tower of Terror makes the list, the quality and execution are so high, even though I’m not particularly interested in the theme, it ranks higher.

Here’s a complete list of theme editions in case there’s one you like, but don’t own:
Cluedo Leeds Centenary Edition
Clue Alfred Hitchcock
Clue Scooby Doo Where Are You? (1st Ed)
Clue Scooby Doo Where Are You? (2nd Ed)
Clue & Cluedo The Simpson’s (1st Ed.)
Clue & Cluedo The Simpson’s (2nd Ed.)
Clue & Cluedo The Simpson’s (3rd Ed.)
Clue Dungeons and Dragons
Clue Disney The Hunted Mansion (1st Ed.)
Clue Disney The Hunted Mansion (2nd Ed.)
Clue The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Mystery at Hogwarts Game
Clue Harry Potter
Clue 24
Clue The Office
Clue Seinfeld
Clue juicy Couture
US Bank Customer Clues
Cluedo Vimto
Clue Family Guy
Clue & Cluedo World of Harry Potter
Clue Jr. Spongebob Squarepants
Cluedo Sherlock
Cluedo London
Cluedo Edinburgh
Cluedo: Virgin Money Edition
Clue & Cluedo The Big Bang Theory
Clue Dungeons and Dragons Re-issue
Cluedo: The Mary Rose Edition
GERMANY: Cluedo Die drei ??? (Winning Moves -- Germany)
GERMANY: Cluedo Munchen Edition (Winning Moves -- Germany)
GERMANY: Cluedo Wein Edition (Winning Moves -- Germany)
‪Cluedo: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Edition (Winning Moves -- Australia)‬
‪Clue Firefly‬
‪Cluedo Downton Abbey
‪CLUE: Supernatural Collector's Edition (Hot Topic Exclusive)‬
‪Cluedo Newcastle & Gateshead Edition‬
Cluedo West Ham United
GERMANY: Cluedo: Paderborn Edition
Cluedo: Oxford Edition
Cluedo & Clue: BBC Doctor Who Edition
Clue: Penny Dreadful Edition
Clue: Disney Vacation Club Edition
Cluedo: Bletchly Park
SPAIN: Cluedo: Madrid Edition
SPAIN: Cluedo: Barcelona Edition
SPAIN: Cluedo: Bilbao Edition
GERMANY: Cluedo BVB Dortmund
Cluedo & Clue: Game of Thrones Edition
Clue: Alien VS. Predator
Clue: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition
Cluedo & Clue: Star Wars Edition
Cluedo: Inspector Barnaby, Midsomer Murders Edition
BELGIUM: Cluedo: Carleroi 1666 Edition
Cluedo: English Heritage Edition
Cluedo & Clue: Rick and Morty Back In Blackout Edition
Clue: The Legend of Zelda Edition
Clue: Walking Dead Edition
Clue: Golden Girls Edition
POLAND: Cluedo: "Mystery Train"
FRANCE: Cluedo: "Murder at the Louvre"
GERMANY: Cluedo VFL Wolfsburg
Cluedo: Beano Edition
Cluedo: The Stolen Stegosaurus
Clue: Bob’s Burgers
Clue: Five Nights At Freddy’s
Clue: Riverdale
Clue: Scooby Doo! 50th Anniversary (USA-opoly Re-issue)
SPAIN: Cluedo: Saville
SPAIN: Cluedo: FCB

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